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Cat Mom


All things cat for that feline lover in your life!


  1. Cat Mug: The cat mug is a fun and adorable addition to the gift box. It adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the recipient's coffee or tea drinking experience. The mug can become their go-to favourite for enjoying a hot beverage.

  2. Pluck Tea: Pluck Tea offers a range of high-quality, all-natural teas. They can savour a cup of tea while spending quality time with their beloved feline companion.

  3. Cat Plate: The cat plate serves as a convenient and stylish place to hold tea bags. Shaped like a cat, it adds a touch of playfulness and practicality to the gift box.

  4. Hot Sox Cat Themed Socks: Hot Sox is known for its creative and comfortable sock designs. The cat-themed socks included in the gift box feature cute and playful cats. These socks not only keep feet warm and cozy but also showcase the recipient's love for felines in a fashionable way.

  5. The Shortbread Company Cookies: The Shortbread Company is known for its delicious and buttery shortbread cookies. Including their handmade cookies in the gift box offers a delightful treat for the recipient to enjoy. The cookies can be savoured with a cup of tea while spending quality time with their furry friend.
  6. "All You Need is Love...and a Cat" Small Wood Sign: This small wood sign carries a heartwarming message that resonates with cat lovers. It adds a touch of sentiment and charm to the gift box. The recipient can display it in their home as a reminder of the love and joy that their feline companion brings.

This cat-themed gift box combines practical, delicious, and heartfelt items that celebrate the love for cats. It's a thoughtful and personalized gift for any feline enthusiast, offering a delightful experience that revolves around their favourite pet.

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