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Coffee Kit

  1. Espanola Coffee Roasters Fresh Roasted Coffee: Espanola Coffee Roasters is known for their freshly roasted coffee beans. Including their coffee in the gift box provides a high-quality coffee experience. The recipient can enjoy the rich flavors and aromas of freshly roasted beans, creating a delightful cup of coffee to savor.

  2. Glass French Press: The glass French Press is a classic and popular brewing method for coffee enthusiasts. It allows for full immersion brewing, which brings out the rich flavors of the coffee. The glass design allows the recipient to observe the brewing process, adding a touch of elegance to their coffee ritual.

  3. 2 Black Matte Mugs: The black matte mugs are stylish and sophisticated additions to the gift box. The matte finish adds a modern and sleek look to the mugs. They are perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee with a loved one or for having an extra mug on hand when the recipient wants to share the coffee experience.

  4. The Good Stuff Coffee Clip: The Good Stuff Coffee Clip is a practical accessory for coffee storage. It helps seal coffee bags and keeps the beans or grounds fresh for longer. The clip ensures that the recipient can maintain the quality of their coffee and enjoy it at its best for an extended period.

This gift box offers a complete coffee experience for two people. It combines the pleasure of freshly roasted coffee, the convenience of a glass French Press for brewing, stylish black matte mugs for serving, and a coffee clip for maintaining freshness. It's a thoughtful gift that allows the recipients to enjoy the art of coffee brewing and sharing moments of coffee bliss together.

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