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Gourmet Goods


This gourmet gift box is a wonderful choice for anyone with a taste for gourmet delights. The reusable wooden box adds an extra touch of elegance to the presentation. 

  1. 2 Sudbury inspired stemless wine glasses perfect for sipping wine or other beverages.

  2. Provisions shortbread crackers: Crisp and buttery shortbread crackers that pair well with cheese and spreads.

  3. Castello brie: A creamy and flavourful Brie cheese, ideal for pairing with the crackers and other accompaniments.

  4. Provisions pear & riesling wine jelly, perfect for enhancing the taste of cheese.

  5. The Shortbread Company chocolate chip shortbread cookies: Handmade chocolate chip shortbread cookies, offering a delightful blend of buttery and sweet flavours.

  6. Succulent Chocolate & Sweets hand-painted truffles add a touch of luxury and visual appeal to the box.

  7. A tea towel with wine-inspired designs, which can be both functional and a decorative addition to the kitchen.

This gourmet gift box is thoughtfully curated and provides a variety of flavours and textures, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate fine food and wine. The reusable wooden box is a practical bonus that can be used long after the contents have been enjoyed.

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