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More Summer!


A delightful gift box to celebrate the joys of summer! 

  1. 2 Insulated BEVI Glasses: The two insulated BEVI glasses are perfect for keeping beverages cold during hot summer days. These glasses have a double-wall design that helps maintain the temperature of the drinks, making them ideal for enjoying refreshing beverages outdoors.

  2. Fun Pelican Napkins: Add a touch of whimsy and charm to any summer gathering with these fun napkins. These make a great addition to picnics, barbecues, or beach outings.

  3. Pina Colada Soy Candle: This soy candle offers the delightful aroma of a tropical cocktail. Hand-poured with care, this candle fills the air with notes of coconut and pineapple, creating a relaxing and summery ambiance.

  4. Imitation Succulent: The imitation succulent brings a touch of greenery and nature indoors without the need for maintenance. This faux succulent adds a natural and trendy decor element, perfect for adding a summer vibe to any room.

  5. Candy Fix Mini Prosecco Gummy Bears: These gummy bears are a delicious and playful treat. They are infused with prosecco flavour, offering a delightful burst of sweetness reminiscent of summer celebrations.

  6. Wood Sign - "Less Monday More Summer": This sign adds a positive and lighthearted touch to the gift box. It reminds the recipient to embrace the joy and freedom of summer days.

This summer-themed gift box is perfect for spreading warmth and joy during the sunny season. The insulated BEVI glasses keep drinks refreshing, while the fun pelican napkins add a touch of whimsy to gatherings. The Pina Colada soy candle creates a relaxing ambiance, and the imitation succulent brings a bit of nature indoors. The Candy Fix mini prosecco gummy bears offer a sweet treat, and the wood sign serves as a cheerful reminder to enjoy every moment of summer. It's a perfect gift to make summer celebrations even more special and memorable.

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