Present Simple

Snack Sleigh


This delightful and indulgent assortment of gourmet snacks presented in a charming and festive manner on a wood sleigh.

  1. Castello Brie: A creamy and flavourful type of Brie cheese, perfect for pairing with various accompaniments.

    1. Provisions shortbread crackers: Crisp and buttery crackers that pair well with cheese and spreads.

    2. EATABLE gourmet popcorn: Gourmet popcorn with unique and delicious flavours, perfect for snacking.

    3. Provisions red pepper jelly: A sweet jelly that complements cheese and crackers.

    4. Ma's Kitchen handcrafted chocolate buttercrunch: A sweet and crunchy chocolate treat made with butter and toffee.

    5. Pickle & Myrrh sea salt caramels: Sea salt caramels with a delightful balance of sweet and salty flavours.

    6. Fraktal's milk chocolate caramels: Milk chocolate-covered caramels, a classic and indulgent treat.

    7. The Shortbread Company handmade chocolate chip shortbread cookies

    8. Succulent Chocolate Nutcracker: A unique and festive chocolate treat made from Belgian milk chocolate with a cookies and cream filling. This item adds a holiday touch to the selection.

    9. Deer with sequin earmuffs: This decorative little deer adds a festive and whimsical touch to this gift.

    This collection of snacks on a wood sleigh makes for a wonderful gift or a festive addition to a holiday gathering.

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