Present Simple

The Chocolaty Box


This gift box is indeed a perfect choice for chocolate lovers, offering a delightful assortment of chocolatey treats and sweets. Here's a breakdown of the items included:

  1. 2 packets of Millie's Delicious Hot Cocoa

  2. Succulent Chocolates and Sweets Hand-painted truffles: These luxurious chocolate confections offer a beautiful and delicious experience.

  3. The Shortbread Company chocolate chip shortbread cookies combine the buttery goodness of shortbread with the sweetness of chocolate chips.

  4. Ma's Kitchen gluten-free, handcrafted Chocolaty Buttercrunch with nuts offers a delightful combination of sweetness and crunch.

  5. Fraktals sea salt milk caramels creates a harmonious balance of flavours.

  6. Succulent Chocolates and Sweets hand-painted smashing ornament:  A unique and interactive chocolate ornament that can be smashed open to reveal more sweet surprises. The wood mallet adds an extra element of fun to the experience.

This collection of chocolates, cocoa, and sweet treats is sure to delight any chocolate enthusiast, making it a great choice for a gift or as a delightful indulgence for yourself.

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