Present Simple

The Dad Box


This gift box offers a variety of items that are sure to delight dad. 

  1. All-Natural Soy Fire Starters: The all-natural soy fire starters are designed to make starting a fire easy and efficient. They are made from natural soy wax and other eco-friendly materials, providing a clean and sustainable way to ignite a fire.

  2. Big Canadian Fish Mug: The big Canadian fish mug is a fun and functional mug featuring a fish design. It is made of sturdy materials and has a generous capacity, perfect for dad to enjoy his favourite hot beverages.

  3. Joyful Home Hand-Poured German Pilsner Candle: The Joyful Home hand-poured German pilsner candle is a unique and aromatic candle that mimics the scent of a refreshing German pilsner beer. It is made with high-quality ingredients and provides a warm and inviting ambiance when lit.

  4. Bait 2 Go Fish Grippers: The Bait 2 Go fish grippers are a practical tool for any fishing enthusiast. They provide a secure grip on fish while handling them, making it easier to remove hooks or measure their size. These grippers are designed for durability and convenience...and they float!

  5. Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Syrup from the Yukon: The whiskey barrel aged maple syrup from the Yukon offers a delightful twist on traditional maple syrup. Aged in whiskey barrels, it has a unique flavour profile that combines the sweetness of maple syrup with hints of oak and whiskey.

  6. Men's Beer Hotsox: The men's beer Hotsox are playful and comfortable socks featuring beer-themed designs. Made with soft and breathable materials, they add a touch of fun to dad's sock collection.

With the combination of all-natural soy fire starters, a big Canadian fish mug, a German pilsner-scented candle, fish grippers, whiskey barrel aged maple syrup, and beer-themed socks, this gift box offers a variety of items that cater to dad's interests and provide a memorable and enjoyable experience. Whether he's a fishing enthusiast, a beer lover, or simply enjoys cozy evenings by the fire, this gift box has a little something for every dad.

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