Corporate Gift Giving: To give or not to give; that is the question.

There are so many choices when it comes to goods and services that once you land that client, keeping them should be an important part of your strategy. Obviously your excellent product and/or service is what has drawn them to you in the first place but it is equally important to acknowledge and thank them for the business they are bringing to you. Gift-giving is a great way to express appreciation, to let them know that you value their business and to help keep
you top of mind. But sometimes this task may seem a bit overwhelming! What should you buy? What is appropriate? How much should you spend?
Should you decide that corporate gifting will be part of your organization’s culture, here are a few tips to help you tackle this challenge :

Try To Personalize Your Gifts

Consider jotting down the tidbits of information that you learn about your customers in the course of your interactions. Find out what hobbies they enjoy or what food and beverage they love. For instance, Mr. Smith has told you that he loves craft beer or that he loves walking his dog. Any little piece of information can be helpful when the time comes to create that meaningful gift.

Depending on the circumstances, giving gifts that have your company logo front and center is not always the way to go. Not everyone will appreciate gifts that advertise your company and you certainly don’t want your gift looking like obvious advertising. Consider being a bit more subtle like branding the back of a charcuterie board instead of the front or putting your logo on the sleeve or the back of the neck of a shirt with a tone on tone embroidery. Try branding the
gift box or the ribbon instead of the actual gift itself and creating a custom gift card with your company logo on it. It is important to work your brand into the gift tastefully.

You Don’t Have To Break The Bank

You certainly don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable by giving a gift that is perceived as too extravagant. Keep your gifting in line with how much business you do with that company. It is also good practice to check on their company guidelines to make sure they will be allowed to accept the gift. Some companies have strict policies about not accepting alcohol and gifts over a certain value.

Make sure your gift is appropriate

Avoid gifts that are too intimate especially when giving to the opposite sex. Don’t give gag gifts that could be insulting to your client. You should know their sense of humor before going down that road.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

The holiday season seems to be that one time of year that we look to send gifts and I’m not going to discourage you from doing so but consider other times of the year as well to send out tokens of your appreciation. Choose a time when your gift won’t disappear in a sea of other gift baskets, boxes & poinsettias plants. Imagine your client’s surprise when they receive a delicious box of chocolates on Valentine’s day with a card letting them know how much you love their business! Or better yet, choose a non-holiday to send them a well thought out, appropriate and personalized gift.

The Ultimate Goal
Always keep in mind that corporate gift-giving is your way of showing appreciation, letting your client know that you value the relationship and ultimately that you care about keeping their business.