Our Mission

At Present Simple, we aim to create meaningful and unique experiences through thoughtful and high quality gift boxes. All of our products are hand-selected and carefully paired together to help you celebrate all of life’s precious moments, and creating lasting memories.

What We Do

At Present Simple, we celebrate all of life's occasions and precious moments by taking a personal approach for each and every gift. We've curated luxurious & useful products that simplify and elevate your gifting experience. Located in Sudbury, Ontario, we cater to individuals and corporate gift givers. Whether it's your closest friend, a family member or a business associate, we will collaborate with you to customize the perfect gift box.

Meet Lisa

Since 2004, Lisa has owned and operated Eventful Times and has planned hundreds of events. She is dedicated to creating fun, unique and unforgettable  events for her clients and their guests to enjoy. She has been the recipient of a Canadian Special Event award and was named to the top 250 People in  Canadian Events by bizbash.com in 2020.  

In 2017, she took her creativity from events and expanded into creating events in a box and Present  Simple was born. Sourcing out quality products from  local and Canadian businesses, Lisa caters to corporate and individual gift givers. While she  continues to coordinate events, she is honoured to also be able to design thoughtfully executed gifts for her clients.  

When she is not producing events or curating gift boxes, Lisa spends her spare time with her family and close friends enjoying Sunday dinners, good wine, date nights with her grandchildren and cuddling with  Molly & Reba, her two golden retrievers.