Present Simple

Northern Night In


This gift box is thoughtfully curated to provide comfort and relaxation for a cozy night in. 

  1. A Sudbury themed studio notebook by Heirloom Island: This notebook features designs inspired by Sudbury.

  2. A Joyful Home blueberry soy candle: A blueberry-scented soy candle that can help create a calming and pleasant atmosphere.

  3. A pair of Muskoka Bear Wear socks: These socks are designed for warmth and comfort, perfect for keeping your feet cozy during the night.

  4. A white ceramic coaster is a practical and stylish addition to the gift box

  5. A Sudbury themed stemless wine glass offers a stylish way to enjoy your favourite beverages.

  6. Succulent Chocolates & Sweets hand-painted truffles add a touch of indulgence and luxury to your evening.

This gift box combines comfort, style, and a touch of local flavour, making it a wonderful choice for a relaxing night in, whether it's for personal relaxation or as a thoughtful gift for someone special.

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