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Mama & Me


A thoughtful gift box for both Mama and the sweet little babe!

  1. Perth Soap Company Cleansing Bar: The Perth Soap Company is known for their high-quality cleansing bars. This cleansing bar likely offers a gentle and nourishing formula that cleanses and hydrates the skin. It's perfect for Mama to enjoy during her self-care routine.

  2. Pico Charlie Cole Cotton Scrunchie: Pico Charlie Cole offers cotton scrunchies that are both stylish and functional. The scrunchie can be used to tie up Mama's hair comfortably and adds a trendy touch to any hairstyle.

  3. Lavender Sachet: The lavender sachet is filled with dried lavender flowers, known for their soothing and calming properties. It can be placed in drawers, closets, or even under a pillow to release a subtle and relaxing fragrance.

  4. Two Sisters Whipped Body Butter: Two Sisters offers a whipped body butter that provides deep hydration and nourishment for the skin. This rich and luxurious body butter is made with natural and nourishing ingredients, leaving Mama's skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

  5. Olive and Annie Handmade Leather Moccasins: Olive and Annie specialize in handmade leather moccasins for babies. These adorable and comfortable moccasins are crafted with care and offer a soft and flexible sole, perfect for little feet.

  6. Pico Charlie Cole Baby Onesie: The Pico Charlie Cole baby onesie is made from soft and breathable Canadian cotton, providing comfort for the little babe.

  7. The Wooden Kind Handcrafted Rattle: The Wooden Kind handcrafted rattle is a beautiful and tactile toy for the little one. It is made from natural materials and provides both visual and auditory stimulation for the baby.

This gift box includes items for both Mama and baby, promoting self-care and joy for both. Mama can enjoy the Perth Soap Company cleansing bar, Pico Charlie Cole cotton scrunchie, lavender sachet, and Two Sisters whipped body butter. The little babe receives the adorable Olive and Annie handmade leather moccasins, Pico Charlie Cole baby onesie, and The Wooden Kind handcrafted rattle. It's a perfect gift to celebrate the bond between Mama and her little one and provide them with comfort, style, and moments of joy.

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